The X-Husbands – “I Only Love You When You’re Not Crying”

One of the things I am working on for 2012 is reissuing all of the projects I participated in way back in my college days, prior to even The Motion Sick or any of the other bands covered here. Several of those bands: Simian Aides, Shiver U.K., and Binary Test Record (all with planned 2012 reissues) were collaborations with (among others) my friend Chris.

Recently, I worked with Chris on his new project, The X-Husbands, to help him create a recording with the feel of our old lo-fi four-tracking while giving the vocals a hi-fi enough approach to allow the humor and story to stand out. If I’ve done my job correctly, you’ll find it thick and dirty, but easy to understand!

We both moved to Boston from NY State after college, but we haven’t had much opportunity to collaborate on music since. Chris was recently inspired by his family life to write songs to find a healthy outlet for the natural frustration and challenges of parenthood with humor and satire.

So far, we’ve just got one song finished, but a couple of others are coming along as well (Chris has a bunch of demos as well). This is perhaps one of the only times you can or will ever hear my “skilled” lead-guitar work.

From the X-Husbands FAQ:
Are you divorced? Do you hate your family?
Not at all. I am happily married and love my family very much. But no matter how happy you are, everyone gets frustrated with their lives at some point or another, and the X-Husbands choose to deal with our frustrations through humor and music.