TEN radio feature: listen to Jade, Sophia and Michael on Citywide Blackout (UNregular Radio)

Listen to the very first interview we do, breaking the silence on TEN – on Citywide Blackout! We’re on right at the beginning. Well, after Jade and Sophia talk about Diva Cups. At about 6:30, we actually stop the Diva Cups talk and start movie talk for real!

Original post:
We are now breaking our interview silence about TEN and we are open to interview opportunities for crew and cast. E-mail us at contact@launchover.com and we would be glad to set something up!

This Saturday, 2/2/13 at 6 PM, Jade Sylvan (TEN co-writer, actor, novel writer), Sophia Cacciola (TEN co-writer, producer, actor), and Michael J. Epstein (TEN co-writer, director) will be appearing on Citywide Blackout on UNregular Radio to talk TEN!

“Citywide Blackout is the home for Boston’s local entertainment on . Every Saturday, Max Bowen, Matt Zappa, Tom Crossman, and Emily Elmen feature the city’s musicians, filmmakers, event organizers, comedians and much more”