MAGNETIC: announcing Rachel Leah Blumenthal as Production Assistant!

Rachel Leah Blumenthal self portrait

Very excited to announce that Rachel Leah Blumenthal has signed on as our Production Assistant aka WRANGLER OF SHEEP for our first set of principal shooting days of MAGNETIC! . I’m pretty sure she’s in it for the trip to Wegman’s. In addition to playing the historian everyone loved to hate in TEN, Rachel was also essential to the production by taking all of our official cast and crew photos, tons of behind-the-scenes photos, and keeping track of the ridiculous things that were said on set (hint: lots of bodily functions were discussed), blogging, arranging free food, and keeping track of the kickstarter rewards that had to be done on set, such as our lipsync videos (many of which she taped!). So, in short, we are beyond excited to have Rachel on this production!

Sophia & Rachel smiling on the set of TEN