Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein host On the Town with Mikey Dee on WMFO 10/29/2014

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 Here’s our playlist from 08/20/14! Archive is up for a week 

On the Town with Mikey Dee

spun by Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein on 2014-10-29
play archive
Song Artist Album Time Played
OTT Theme Mikey Dee OTT Disk 21:01:00
Ghost Attack Summer Villians Halloweenilicious 21:04:00
The Pumpkin Thief Dan Blakeslee Halloween 21:08:00
Bigfoot Likes the Ladies J-Krafty Bigfoot Likes the Ladies – Single 21:13:00
Devil’s In The Details Walter Sickert & The army Of Broken Toys Soft Time Traveler 21:18:00
Sea of Sideways Jaggery Upon A Penumbra 21:22:00
Do the Devil Amazing Royal Crowns Amazing Royal Crowns 21:26:00
Into The Wood Chipper Somerville Symphony Orkestar Somerville Symphony Orkestar 21:29:00
EDGE OF THE WORLD Cradle To the Grave Speak Easy 21:37:00
CANDY Morphine Cure for Pain 21:39:00
Monster S-I-Z-E Monsters Darling Pet Munkee Glows in the Dark! 21:42:00
Robot Glasses HookerClops I No Bueno! 21:45:00
coffin nails Dead Cats Dead Rats Dead Cats Dead Rats 21:47:00
After the Plague Aloud It’s Got To Be Now 21:49:00
The Snake Amy Kucharik Cunning Folk 21:55:00
Deep Water What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? OTT comp 22:00:00
Ice Cream Clown The Bentmen Magic Room 22:03:00
Under The Couch Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin Live From Studio Dee: The Very Best Of On The Town With Mikey Dee 22:08:00
Candy On Sunday (feat. Johnny Blazes) Mission Creep On The Sea Of Suns 22:10:00
The Haunted Guitar Summer Villians Halloweenilicious 22:14:00
She Wolf Mary Zoo Like Sunshine After Rain 22:23:00
a charming spell Splashdown Redshift 22:27:00
Assimilation The Borg Self Titled 22:32:00
You Don’t Wear That Dress, The Dress Wears You Parlour Bells Thank God For The Night 22:36:00
Headless Horseman Dan Blakeslee Halloween 22:40:00
Neighbor’s Goods Thick Shakes Why Buy the Cow 22:44:00
Pretty Clever Cleaver Endation Liars, Thieves and Dead Leaves 22:46:00
Clever Cleaver Pray For Polanski Pray for Polanski 22:48:00
King Kong The Konks The Konks 22:52:00
Halloweenilicious Summer Villians Halloweenilicious 22:54:00
On A Washing Machine Streight Angular After And Before 23:00:00
Cannibal Ladies Plumerai Mondegreen 23:03:00
Speech of Foxes Gem Club In Roses 23:07:00
Perfect Teeth When Particles Collide Ego 23:11:00
ZENITH The Milling Gowns Live from Studio Dee Vol. 1 and 2 23:15:00
This Moon Is Doomed ****** Girls Get Drugs for Free 23:18:00
THE RAVEN Caspian Tertia 23:21:00
The Vampire Who Opted for Death Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women Your Secrets are Mine Now 23:29:00
Halloweiner Summer Villians Halloweenilicious 23:33:00
Rainbow Bloodsucker Doomstar! Rainbow Bloodsucker 23:37:00
Wake Up, John! Sidewalk Driver For All the Boys and Girls 23:40:00
Shera Rob Potylo Something Happened At Horse Lake 23:45:00
Your Heart Is Boring The Daily Pravda single 23:47:00
To a Skull Whitcomb The Conqueror – EP 23:52:00
Sunken Ship Will Dailey National Throat 23:55:00