Michael appears on the Flush Studios Podcast

I had a fantastic time chatting with Josh Stifter of Flush Studios (check out their Patreon) about a variety of things, including being creative during the pandemic. Check it out!

I've been busy as hell doing contracts, building the Flush audience, finishing up The Good Exorcist for Troma, writing Keith., writing Static Requiem, talking to Strauss about puppets, getting comics made, planning the future, and about a million other things, BUT somewhere in that mess - I've found time to record another podcast!

This week, I have the extremely inspiring Michael J Epstein, who I met at South Texas Underground Film Fest earlier this year. His short documentary/mockumentary played before Greywood's Plot and completely set the mood for the night. He's written and directed several features, played in bands, and much more. This dude is prolific as all get up! After you listen to this episode, go watch some of his twisted, crazy content. You will be utterly impressed, not only by the amount he's produced, but also by how intense and original it all is.

Follow him on social media, check out his site (www.michaeljepstein.com & launchover.com), and go watch his movies!



And check out a couple of Josh's Films!

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