The Motion Sick: Okay Thursday

Tonight will be the final bow of the band Okay Thursday.  Three of us in The Motion Sick have also been playing in Okay Thursday since  05/25/07  when we hopped in to back vocalist Sarah Korval after the original band split.  Originally, we had planned to back her for two shows 5/25 in Somerville, MA and 5/26 in Montpelier, VT, but we had such a fun time that it just kept on going.  

Our ever-growing time and energy commitments to The Motion Sick, however, have made it difficult to continue the band.  So, we reluctantly decided to turn in our badges.  Sarah wrote a lovely parting message over at:

I will add a round of thanks:

Sarah, thanks for inviting us to play with you and for running the whole show.  We had a great time doing it and I hope you will keep on working hard to move forward in a yet-to-be-revealed musical superjam.  

Nikki, thanks for doing a great Stevie Nicks impersonation and wowing us with your willingness to put your bare feet onto disease-ridden, razor-sharp surfaces.

Rebecca, Brad, and Clint (now in One Happy Island), thanks for helping us transition in and supporting OT after your departure.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in writing the songs that we’ve been playing – they are great fun and it’s an honor to get to be involved with such great music: Sarah, Rebecca, Brad, Clint, Mark…

Okay Thursday never says die!