E-mails from the departed…

I think I had mentioned this once before, but I just can’t bring myself to block the hacked e-mail address of an admired friend (or at least an admired and very well-liked acquaintance) who passed away several years ago. There is nothing logical about refusing to block this address. He isn’t going to send me any legitimate messages any time soon. (In fact, I hope he doesn’t!) I am not worried that I might miss something important if I block the address.

Why then?

I guess I still enjoy thinking of the “make money by working at home” and Viagra ads as reminders of the times I got to interact with him. I don’t think those in the spirit world have any use for money or Viagra, but I am sure he still has a clever and humorous response to the situation and some locked and loaded jokes about both making money at home and Viagra.

I’ll just keep imagining that I hear the punchlines.