Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein extras in film, Pie Heaven

Our buddy Aviv (from the awesome band, Pray for Polanski) is making a movie called Pie Heaven! As is the new way, the funding is coming from a campaign via Kickstarter – so do check out their Kickstarter page and consider donating – they are 88% of the way to their goal, but only have 10 days left!

Michael J. and I got to be extras in a bar scene last week. FYI Sam Light is not an 11:00AM sort of drink! I got the extra exciting job of slapping one of the main characters…several times! I had to get it right! Also, FYI – it takes a lot of gross-talk before I’m offended enough to slap you – as you’ll learn by watching this video – YES, THE FOOTAGE OF ME SLAPPING IS ALREADY UP!!!:

Here’s a short description of the premise: “Produced by four aspiring writers who met in a screenwriting workshop, this film follows two best friends, Ben and Emily, who embark on a competition to see who can truly please a woman better. But this is no ordinary bet for Ben, he’s got much bigger plans.”