A Tree Falls in Somerville (on our house…well almost) – videos of the aftermath

We woke up to a crazy sound today! We had thought that maybe a car drove into our front porch area. Instead, a tree had been partially knocked over by the wind. It hit our porch overhang causing minor damage, smashed a car parked out in front of our house, ripped our neighbor’s power line/bar off their house, and dented our wrought-iron gating. Luckily, no one was injured and there was no major damage to any houses.

Amazingly, the city had the whole thing cleared in about 2 hours. Pretty impressive, particularly for a Sunday. I can’t imagine all those people that had trees go through their roofs during the recent hurricane and tornadoes. We are thankful not to have any serious damage or injuries on hand here.

Some video showing the initial ordeal:

Tree Removal: