What These Vegans Eat: January 2012

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WHY WHAT THESE VEGANS EAT? I’m tired of people asking me what Mike and I eat. Would an omnivore have an easy time answering this question? Mostly, we eat vegetables/grains/legumes/fruit. I cook everything I can in my trusty cast-iron pan. I tend to lean towards stick-to-your-ribs one pot meals that come together in about a half an hour. We’re trying to be good and eat more salad. Once a week, I’m going to post about all of the dinners I made the week previous-hopefully it will clear up any lingering questions.

I haven’t been keeping up as well as I would have liked, BUT here’s a smattering of January!

Chickpea and swiss chard sandwich! and a side of mujaddara (lentils and brown rice cooked together)
the picture is terrible because I forgot to put it on the plate and photo it BUT buffalo tofu! all I did was open the package, cut it up, then breaded it straight (just with breadcrumbs) from the package using it’s own wetness. then I cooked it for about 1/2 hour by itself, then flipped them and poured hot sauce all of them and baked for about five more minutes. easy and delicious. I made them again soon after with panko and they were extra crunchy.
I bought a cast iron crepe pan so I made the savory chickpea crepes from the Candle Cafe cookbook again. the filling was a tofu scramble with fresh lentils and collard greens.
veggie chili (sweet potato, black beans, corn, etc) with skillet corn bread!
Quinoa with a curry of black eyed peas, sweet potatoes, tofu, chard!
Vegan Yum Yum donuts! These cook up quick in the convection oven, and it makes six, so there’s a tiny bit of built in portion control.
PIZZA! with roasted kale, tofu scramble, red onions, avacado
Meatball sub: iggys bread, fake meatballs from Trader Joes, pizza sauce, and daiya mozzarella, cooked up in the toaster oven.
Broccoli polenta (from Veganomicon) and mashed potatoes with a pinto bean gravy!
Scalloped potatoes (also from Veganomicon) – so yummy.
Cashew sauces have been all the rage in the vegan community and while I’ve been able to enjoy them MJE cannot due to his nut allergy – so I was excited when the PPK posted this recipe for a sunflower cheesy pasta sauce. My food processor didn’t smooth the seeds out as much as I would have liked but the sauce was still delicious (despite the kind of gross photo!) Recipe.
Mustache Mug! with waffles! these were banana from Veganomicon (I guess I’ve been cooking from that a lot recently!)
These are banana split brownies – they are my favorite brownie recipe (from Vegan with a Vengeance) – and they are a delicious way to use up 4-5 bananas if they are starting to go bad on your counter!