Sophia’s Rock Beat: January 2012 part I

The return of Sophia’s Rock Beat (FB)! First! What is SRB? Sophia goes to local shows. Sophia video-records these shows. Then Sophia posts them on the internet. It’s a thing. Seriously, you want me at your show, let me know- and make it worth my while!

January is going to be a bit concise, since I saw a lot and I’ve been too busy to write anything up.
We started off the year at Great Scott on 1/7 to see Full Body Anchor and Naked on Roller Skates (we sadly missed Tijuana Sweetheart who were also on the bill – we had bad parking karma).
Full Body Anchor (FBA video 2, FBA video 3)

Naked on Roller Skates (NORS video 2, NORS video 3)

Next up was the 1/14 Release Party for Darling Pet Munkee’s Glows in the Dark at Radio (I don’t usually pimp my own bands in this column – but I’m going to do what I want!) Here is: Darling Pet Munkee- Monster S-I-Z-E Monsters and here we are doing Brand New Cadillac. The Invisible Rays opened the evening with their psychedelic instrumental “prog-art rock” –  (TIR video 2, TIR video 3, TIR video 4) with crazed projections:

 Next, were the garage-amazingness of The Downbeat 5 (tDB5 video 2)


 and Gozu took us home with the metal (Gozu Video 2, Gozu Video 3)

 1/27 we made it to Radio and just caught the very end of 28 Degrees Taurus (so no video of them) but we did catch Muy Cansado and The Sterns. Muy Cansado, as always, brought a good time (MC video 2, MC Video 3)

 The Sterns are back! (TS video 2, TS video 3)

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