Wiretap Wednesday: April 4, 2012 – featuring Nick Zaino – live feed and schedule

April’s Wiretap Wednesday is here!! This page ( http://bit.ly/wiretapwed ) is the location of the videos for all performing acts.

Nick Zaino was our feature performer this month!

Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA

All Ages! Free! (Logistical Details)

Also, connect with us on Facebook.

Valentine Prince video 1, video 2
Faulke Yue video 1, video 2
Jon Waterman video 1, video 2
Catherine Capozzi video 1, video 2
Dan Margarita video 1, video 2
Shawn Dierdre video 1, video 2
Rob Potylo video 1, video 2

Our Feature Performer, Nick Zaino: