Sophia’s Rock Beat: 04/03/2012 Rumble Night 3

Another exciting night at the 33rd Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble at TT the Bears. Today is the day of rest – so take your vitamins and be ready to rock on for Thurs-Saturday! Congrats to Ghosts of Jupiter on last night’s the win!

The Susan Constant (SC video 2, SC video 3)


  The Tin Thistles – who broke out the first cover of the Rumble a rousing version of The Misfits’ “Skulls” (TT video 2, TT video 3)


  Ghosts of Jupiter (who share a bass player with Garvy J – who due to their win yesterday will be playing the semi-finals against himself!) – (GoJ video 2, GoJ video 3)


  Letterday (who busted out the second cover of the Rumble – a Get up Kids song – video of the cover, letterday video 3)


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