Darling Pet Munkee “Sea-Monkeys” music video shoot Day 1: Behind the scenes

We had a blast on our first day of the Darling Pet MunkeeSea-Monkeys” shoot. As per the song, the video will present the worldwide invasion by sea-monkeys. In fact, many people will find themselves eaten by sea-monkeys. The wonderful brave volunteers are shown below. Not only were they willing to be eaten, but some even responded in other strange ways. The Burlesque Poetess wrote a poem about it (and recalled the experience)!
While all of the photos below are from the “Sea-Monkeys” music video shoot, we like to think of the day as an adventure for the great 4th Darling Pet Munkee member, Bonesy Darling. Bonesy rarely gets out these days, so an entire day of adventure was quite a lot for him. Enjoy this photo series of his journeys and take a look at all of the new friends he made along the way!!!