Friends of TEN: Boston Underground Film Festival

Friends of TEN is our blog series briefly highlighting fundraisers and projects that are associated with independent film, particularly genre film.

Help BUFF raise a bit of money to make their 15th year a smashing success! We’ve enjoyed being part of their music video program for the past two years, with “Episode 1 – Arrival” and “X-Ray Specs” getting some big-screen love!

The Boston Underground Film Festival has a fifteen year history of bringing under-appreciated cinema to an audience ravenous for a movie-going experience outside the mainstream. Over the years, BUFF has hosted such guests as Don Coscarelli, Bill Plympton, George Romero, Lloyd Kaufman, Frank Henenlotter, Lucky McKee, Angela Bettis, George Kuchar, and Mink Stole.

BUFF has also managed to give Boston audiences face-time with such visionary contemporary filmmakers as Jason Eisener, Douglas Buck, Simon Rumley, Zach Clark, Karim Hussain, Alex Ross Perry, Anna Biller, and Ann Marie Fleming. We want this year’s BUFF to continue with our tradition of bringing filmmakers face-to-face with an appreciative audience.”