Sophia & Michael participate in Couch by Couch West 2013

Couch by Couch West was started three years ago as an internet-stage for those of us who were not spending a week waiting in lines and baking the Texas sun. Or as they put it: “The original alternative to South by Southwest. Where the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you.” So, three years running, we’ve sent in videos to CxCW. Here’s an article on Billboard all about it.

This year, Sophia decided to uke & kick at the same time to some results:

and Sophia forced Michael to play a really old song that she likes:

Our history with CXCW:
In 2011 we won Best Glasses! “Seriously, how can a dead ringer for Frank Zappa and his sidekick from the movie “Cry Baby” not win this category?” That year we performed DNFMOMD’s “It’s Your Funeral” and Michael played MJEML’s “Holy Ghost” solo from a bed.

and in 2012 (blog post!) we sent in videos of The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library and Space Balloons. Sophia also accompanied J. Krafty in full monkey costume for “Bigfoot Likes the Ladies”