The Best of SXSW so far…Stamp by Stampwest and Couch by Couchwest

As it turns out this year, it was too expensive for us to actually make it down to Austin, so instead, we have been creating more than we ever could have created if we had gone…

For The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library‘s 2012 Couch by Couchwest showcase. We chose to perform our very special arrangement of “The Violinist” – a song previously performed, though not yet recorded by, The Motion Sick.

There is a rumor abuzz that it just might be part of our upcoming film A Brief History of Flight. What better place to preview our film than SX…er CXCW?

Of course, if you really want to party at SXSW, you should use it as a forum for trading for missing items in your Star Wars Stamp collection with the rest of the Special Friends!!!

We weren’t the only ones who couldn’t make it down to Austin. Space Balloons also had to take a detour after a malfunctioning navigation computer sent them off course when it insisted on using all of its processing power to write poetry…

At this year’s festival, we also got to catch the cryptozoology showcase presented by J-Krafty.

All in all, possibly the best SXSW ever!!!

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