Space Balloons land on Kurt Vonnegut’s planet! Songs inspired by KVJ!

Space Balloons‘ debut album arrives officially in May, but interstellar technology sometimes allows things from the future to appear before they even exist! One of the things that helped inspire the release of our album was an event for which we wrote 3 songs inspired by the creations of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

We thought it would be an interesting challenge to pay tribute to Vonnegut’s ideas in the realm of music that might be appropriate for kids. We pushed the boundaries a little bit in telling these three stories…

“EPICAC” is the tale of our navigation computer (EPICAC) losing its mind and focusing on writing poetry instead of guiding our balloon.

“Ice-Nine” not only warns of the dangers of coming in contact with the nefarious molecule, but also educates about the properties of ices one through eight.

Billy Pilgrim was not the only being who came in contact with Vonnegut’s strange aliens, “Tralfamadorian Rock” is an ode to our run-ins with the cross-dimensional sensing creatures.

Thank you KVJ…from the bottoms of our Balloononian hearts…