Sophia’s Rock Beat – January/February 2013

JUST THE FACTS THIS TIME. Sophia’s Rock Beat (FB)! As always, If you want me at your show, let me know-, I’ll do my best.

date band venue video
1/10/2013 Brian Carpenter and the Confessions Church
1/10/2013 Endation Church
1/10/2013 Bent Knee Church
1/12/2013 Madame Psychosis Johnny D’s
1/12/2013 Sarah RabDAU & Self Employed Assassins Johnny D’s
1/12/2013 Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys Johnny D’s
1/12/2013 What Time is it? Mr. Fox Johnny D’s
1/18/2013 Parlour Bells Radio
1/18/2013 The Milling Gowns Radio
1/18/2013 Lifestyle Radio
1/25/2013 Mary Lou Lord Q Division
1/25/2013 Apple Betty Q Division
1/29/2013 Amy Macabre All Asia
1/29/2013 The I Want You All Asia
2/14/2013 Kayln Rock Rosebud
2/14/2013 Saraswathi Jones Rosebud
2/14/2013 Orca Age Rosebud
2/21/2013 Dear Leader Oberon
2/21/2013 Hallelujah the Hills Oberon
2/21/2013 Ho-Ag Oberon
3/2/2013 Cool Ya Jets Chen Yang Li
3/2/2013 Electronique Chen Yang Li
3/2/2013 Big Digits Chen Yang Li

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