Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling ‘The Prisoner’ tribute “Episode 15: The Girl Who Was Death”

Debuting over at BoingBoing today is our brand-new music video for “Episode 15: The Girl Who Was Death.” It’s the second The Prisoner recreation we’ve done (“Episode 1: Arrival” was a  nearly-identical recreation of the opening sequence) – this time we took on the iconic “You Have Just Been Poisoned” scene from “Episode 15: The Girl Who Was Death” The accompanying song is perhaps also the most overtly referencing of The Prisoner of any of our other Prisoner-inspired numbers.

The video is also a sequel to our music video for “Episode 10: Living in Harmony” – at the end of that video, Number 2 picks up my calling card, a replica of the Lotus 7 driven by Number 6. Our video for “The Girl Who Was Death” opens with Number 2 calling Sonia/Death to tell her to take care of the problem of the unmutual Number 6.

“Episode 10: Living in Harmony”

Free download of both songs: https://donotforsakemeohmydarling.ban…

Behind-the-scenes photos by Dave Green:

Full credits:
Cinematography by Kelly Davidson with assistance by Dave Green
Directed and Edited by Michael J. Epstein, Produced by Sophia Cacciola

Sophia Cacciola as Number 6
Leah Principe as Doris
Jade Sylvan as Sonia
Michael J. Epstein as Number 2

Poisoned bar flies:
Rick Kotowski, Izzy Lee, Leilani Roser, Erin Genett, Stephen LoVerme, Marianne Cacciola & Felix Link, Rachel Leah Blumenthal, Julie Kantner, Catherine Capozzi, JR Huffman

Filmed at Radio Bar Union, Somerville MA
Special Thanks to Aimee McGrath & Richard Bouchard
Additional Props/Wardrobe: Andrew Scandal, Marianne Cacciola

“Episode 15 – The Girl Who Was Death”
written by Sophia Cacciola
Recorded by Michael J. Epstein at The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library (Somerville, MA)
Mixed/Mastered by Mike Quinn in The Moontower at Q Division (Somerville, MA)

Sophia Cacciola: vocals, drums
Michael J. Epstein: bass,
Rachel Leah Blumenthal: oboe
Susannah Plaster: viola

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