MAGNETIC recap: Day 5 of shooting!

Last weekend we shuffled into the Sound Museum in Allston for a full day of shooting. And, if you’re wondering, yes, drummers are playing paradiddles at 9AM on Sunday morning. ALL IS RIGHT IN MUSIC. Luckily, we weren’t trying to record dialogue! We also learned that if you leave something out in the hallways it will disappear, but then if you post a sign where you left it, a very nice gentleman will return it to you. And, also if this happens, you’ll end up accidentally texting him to join you for lunch at Root! Whoops! We had some amazing help on this shoot, in the form of our production assistants, Zach Pidgeon, Maggie Maraschino, and Catherine Capozzi. We shot a lot of hallway scenes and “Alice” at her job! We are super thankful to Desmond for letting us shoot at Sound Museum and KC “The Management” Hoye for letting us take over her office with our shenanigans!

just look at this hallway!


more hallway!


stairs! escape!



Kelly Davidson photo of her camera! jazz hands!


we ran out of time to shoot our wall of monitors (which were tested out on FABIO)
so that will have to live another day!
And bonus! Sophia went to visit her home planet…okay, no for real, this is a prop being built for us for a future shoot day by Ktron!


also, in case you missed it, we also shot this sweet lip-sync: