MAGNETIC Recap: Days 11, 13 and 14 – pick-up, extra scenes- more sheep and flashbacks!

Kelly Davidson instagram of eye close-up
very elaborate set!

Day 11 (May 28th) we did some pick-up shooting of the car driving (mostly going down the highway from another car!) and we got some close-ups of hands and eyeballs!

In September, (Day 13!) Michael and Sophia went  back to the sheep farm to get some more sheep footage in a different season (the film takes place in December) for a flashback. (more photos of the sheep!)

Michael with more sheep!

Day 14 was our final day of shooting!!! Again, we were just picking up some odds and ends- quick FX shot and a bit more footage for the flashback!
this doesn’t look like much!


quick mock-up in premiere of fx shot!


faking an office in a hallway
And finally, we got crazy and shot the inside of a tape deck: