Michael and Sophia sing on Andy Santospago’s “Guiness Park” for the Boston Singers Project – Year of the Horse

About the song/project:

“Itchycoo park, Macarthur park, Beechwood park… the 60’s were filled with groovy/silly tunes about parks. I heard this one in a dream and woke up remembering only the chorus “on the way to Guiness Park”. I woke up and made the groggy voice memo, thought it was kinda catchy but completely nonsensical. I then googled Guinness park and to my delight I discovered that it is and equestrian riding school in the English country side, fully stocked with livery and stables. Thought it was a funny oasis to escape to and went with it. I like to think of it as Mersey beat/British invasion tune.”

You may remember that I had a similar dream songwriting experience with the song, “Small Crack”!

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