Honky Holocaust out on Troma via Blu Ray and VOD! (Michael did some post work on this)

I had the pleasure of working on sound mix/cleanup in post-production on Honky Holocaust, an over-the-top, anti-racist film telling an alternate-history version of the Manson family’s attempt to frame the Black Panthers for the Tate murder to spark a race war.

In HH, Manson succeeds and, as a race war flares up, the family hides underground, waiting years to emerge to take over. But what they find is not quite what they expected. Whites (“Albies”) are now an oppressed minority, and the now-deceased Manson’s (fictional) daughter Kendra (Maria Napatov) has to decide whose side she is really on.

The film is low-budget, gross-out mayhem at its best (as you’d expect from Troma), but also manages to make a really thoughtful and interesting commentary on race and privilege.

A lot of the same people created The Ungovernable Force, a forthcoming film that I did some work on.

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