Michael is a cam-op on The Ungovernable Force – punksploitation – available now!

Very excited to have been a camera operator on Ungovernable FilmsThe Ungovernable Force over the past few months and to share this first-look teaser for it! (NSFW)
“Exploitation/grindhouse feature film from Ungovernable Films, featuring all your favorite ungovernable motifs like sex, gore, violence, nudity, schlock, and laughs!”


The Ungovernable Force from BrinkVision on Vimeo.


Sophia also wrote this song for the film:

Me as camera op – Ungovernable Films
taken by/courtesy of 
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Taking cues from films like Suburbia, Class of 1984, and Class of Nuke Em High, “THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE” is a punxploitation film that sets an army of punks and bums against a band of fascist cops!

THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE features appearances from all your favorite film and music legends, including Tony Moran (Michael Myers from Halloween!), Debbie Rochon (the 1990s Scream Queen of the Decade!), Lloyd Kaufman (co-founder of TROMA and creator of the Toxic Avenger!), Bill Weeden (Reginald Stuart from Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD!), Apache Ramos (from The Warriors!), Nic Cramer (famed porn director and four-time AVN Award winner!), Steve Ignorant (CRASS), Steve Lake (Zounds), Nick Cash (999), Zillah Minx (Rubella Ballet), Thomas Mensforth (Angelic Upstarts), Shend (The Cravats), Paul Russo (The Unseen), and many others!
Written/Directed by Paul M McAlarney
Director of Photography – Nick Norrman
Executive Producers – Paul M McAlarney, Nick Norrman, Alex E Edwards, Dave Sullivan
Casting by Dave Sullivan
Sound Mixing by Quinn Wilson
Camera Operators – Nick Norrman, Ryan Piccirillo, Michael J Epstein
Assistant Directors – 
Makeup/Wardrobe Dept – Salena Powers and Diane Pimentel
Puppets by Mayhem
Special FX by Paul M McAlarney and Nick Norrman

Teaser Music
“Can’t Cheat Karma” by Zounds, courtesy of Steve Lake and Overground Records
Composition by Timothy Fife

Joining our timeless heroes is an all-star cast of local misfits, including:
Jake Vaughan
Lindsay Winne
David Reid
Aurora Grabill
Masshole Mike McCarthy
Nathan Johnson
Mark “Jacket” Geanakakis
PJ Rodrigues
James Kane
Salena Powers
Jordan Gillam
Sam Hays
Paul McGillicuddy
Harry Toole
Jim Baglini
Jonathan Thyne
Hope Zimmerman
Graham King
Stephen Walling
Renee Mandrake
Dolores McDougal
Greg LaVoie
Dave Sullivan
Brian Young
Steven Lawlor Jones
Charldyn Valcin
Alex E Edwards
Blake Rickerson
Stabatha La Thrills
William Bauer, Jr
Jorge Rivas
Rick Weir
John Ewing
Jonathan Neves
and many many many more!


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