Fenella Fielding, The Village Loudspeaker Announcer in The Prisoner gives intro to Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling and The PrisonerCon guests!

We had a great time last month playing at The Prisoner Con and meeting all of the wonderful friends and fans of the show. We showed our two Prisoner-inspired vidoes, Arrival (a shot for shot remake of the opening sequence) and The Girl Who Was Death (a reenactment of the You Have Just Been Poisoned scene!), played a few songs acoustic,  did an interview and a fun Q&A. Check out The Unmutual's coverage!

Fenella Fielding

As one of the amazing parts of this event, the guests were given recorded introductions provided by the voice of The Village announcements, Fenella Fielding herself! Here are some photos of her reading live at the Portmeirion event last month as well: https://www.facebook.com/FenellaFieldingSimonMcKayRadioShows/posts/1664854183525121

More about her role on the show.

And her introduction for us!

Karl Frunz

Sophia and Michael with our wonderful host, Karl Frunz!

Lucille Soong

Sophia with Lucille Soong (who played the flower girl in the episode, A.B. and C.)


Karl Frunz interviewing Lucille Soong

Lucille was an amazing guest who delighted the crowd with hilarious stories from her entire career and working on The Prisoner! Lucille is currently starring on the show, Fresh Off the Boat!

Tim Palgut

Tim Palgut interview at PrisonerCon

Tim Palgut wrote a technical manual of The Village, he was interviewed about his personal experiences with and love of The Prisoner.

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