Wretched Productions’ doc, More Blood (directed by Heidi Moore), features Darling Pet Munkee and Blood of the Tribades

Wretched Productions’ More Blood, a documentary that takes a look at why horror audiences like to watch death and gore in movies is out now! The doc features Darling Pet Munkee‘s “X-Ray Specs” in the credits and a clip from Blood of the Tribades!

Directed by Heidi Moore

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Society has been entertained by death and gore even before television was invented; It has always been a source of curiosity. Have you ever wondered why you root for people to die in movies or why you laugh hysterically when you see someone’s head explode? Why do people love watching this stuff? Inquiring minds want to know!

In this documentary we take a look into why this is; to hopefully get a better understanding and to feel better about ourselves knowing we’re not alone in this morbid fascination.

“More Blood!”

More Blood

More Blood. 226 likes. A documentary that takes a look at why society likes to watch death and gore in movies.

Darling Pet Munkee Issue 1: X-Ray Specs