Dept of Reincarnation weirdo short premieres at Medusa Underground Film Fest starring/directed by Sophia & Lianne O’Shea

The very weirdo short, Dept. of Reincarnation, Sophia made with Lianne O'Shea earlier this year is having it's world premiere at the inaugural Medusa Underground Film Festival! Dept. of Reincarnation is a wtf comedy short exploring the bureaucracy involved in choosing your next life!

Medusa Underground celebrates female-identifying filmmakers working in underground/experimental/erotic/WTF genres!

It takes place in Las Vegas at the Artisan Hotel January 11-13th 2019! Facebook Event

Additional fests:

Severed Limbs 3 - Oct 24, 2020 - Sophia Cacciola - Runner up for The Betsy Palmer award - best female performance!


THE INAUGURAL LAS VEGAS BASED "MEDUSA UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL" ANNOUNCES THEIR FIRST WAVE OF PROGRAMMING INCLUDING SHORTS, THE FIRST FEATURE, AND MORE CELEBRATING FEMALE FILMMAKERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Celebrating the art of the female filmmaker, the Medusa Underground Film Festival will showcase two features including the Vegas Premiere of Re-agitator: Revenge of the Parody ...

Inaugural MEDUSA UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL in Vegas Announces First Wave of Programming

"Underground films often face the issue of not falling into a category which can make them hard to promote or do anything with really. At the Medusa Film Fest, we are here to put these movies on blast. They need to be seen and they will!"

Medusa Underground Film Festival Announces First Wave Of Programming

The first annual Medusa Underground Film Festival brings together more than 50 short films to showcase the women changing the filmmaking landscape around the world!