Michael co-authors book, How to Talk to People with Hearing Loss: what you can do to communicate better and why it really works

How to Talk to People with Hearing Loss: what you can do to communicate better and why it really works

by Mary FlorentineJulia B. FlorentineMichael J. Epstein


The purpose of this book is to tell you what people with hearing loss find useful from their communication partners, so that you can be a better communicator. Sometimes, you might find that people with hearing loss shut down when you try to talk to them, or they might react badly to your efforts to communicate. To avoid this, it helps to understand how people with hearing loss actually hear. Because we often make wrong assumptions about how they hear, we start by dispelling myths and answering common questions. Then we explain how you can communicate most effectively.

"This guide is wonderful! It has already made a difference in my communication with my husband. It captivated my attention, was informative, provided "aha" moments, and the humor sprinkled throughout was delightful." Jane Scott, nurse

“…informative … a pleasure to read … of great value … clear, concise, and well targeted to a lay audience.” Charles Kerr

"This book saved my marriage!" Anonymous wife of a man with hearing loss

How to Talk to People with Hearing Loss

I was recently contacted by Julia Florentine who has just published a book with her mum and her colleague. The book is for friends and family of people with hearing loss on how to communicate effectively and is entitled "How to Talk to People with Hearing Loss".

Three things you should never do when talking to people with hearing loss

Hearing loss can really put a strain on relationships with partners, friends and family. People often don't know how to communicate clearly, which leads to misunderstandings and isolation. Given that over 5% of people worldwide have debilitating hearing loss, pretty much everybody knows somebody with hearing loss.

How to Communicate Better, and More Compassionately, With People With Hearing Loss - Hearing Health Foundation

By Mary Florentine, Ph.D., Julia B. Florentine, and Michael J. Epstein, Ph.D. A trio of experts with both professional and personal connections to hearing loss share advice for better communication. They are a distinguished professor emeritus and expert in psychoacoustics (how