Sophia and Michael interviewed on Indie Infestation podcast at GenreBlast

Sep 13, 2019

Well it is time to make your weekend a supersized excellent weekend with the latest monster sized episode of Indie Infestation.  Joe, Zane and good ‘ole Cookie Lips Lombardo welcome a very special guest host actress Sable Griedel.  This episode includes interviews recorded live at GenreBlast IV with the likes of Felix Cortes, Brie Straiton, Ryan Felker, Michael Merchant, Jason Delgado of “Johnny Z”, John Hale of “The Conduit”, Jason Zink and Corey Kays of “Straight Edge Kegger”, Rakefet Abergel of “Boo”, Mike Epstein and Sophia Cacciola of “Half Cocked”, David Palamaro of “Murder Made Easy”, Ellie Church and Brian K. Williams of “Jesse’s Super Normal Regular Average Day”.  So strap in it’s going to be a heck of a ride!

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