Fat Fleshy Fingers – Sophia & Michael part of a Bizarroland anthology film – crowdfunding now

an infected worm photo is one of the kickstarter perks!

Watch the video to see Stephen Stull explain! Stephen is the director of one of our favorite festivals, Orlando, Florida's Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival. He has put together this anthology of Sick 'n' Wrong alumni filmmakers to make films starring a parasitic worm. The worms were custom designed for the project! We've been having an awesome time getting to know the other filmmakers and building the world of the worms! There are just a few days left of the crowdfunding campaign! There are some Sophia/Michael specific perks like: Sophia will yell at Michael anything you want, polaroids from our set, polaroids of international super-star Blanche the dog, our film CLICKBAIT on signed, limited edition blu-ray, a copy of us all badly karaokeing Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and more! You can even suggest a perk that you'd like to see and you just might get your wish! If you're a high-roller you can even take home one of the screen-used worms!! Check it out!

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