Sophia has interesting theories about France

We’ve been going through some artifacts from our youth for a top-secret The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library surprise and I found a letter from my French pen-pal. I must have asked her if they have to wear gas-masks in France – who knows why I thought that might be the case, but her confused response is pure gold:

“Dear Sophia, Where did you hear that wearing Gasmasks it’s a new style in France. My town is very polluted but I don’t wear Gasmasks. I love comic books. I like watching Horror Films, and Walt Disney films. Dancing is one of my favorite hobbies. What about you?. I would like to know when were you born? I would like to know what did you do at school? What do you learn? What is your favourite teacher, me my favourite teacher is Mrs Peirano: my english teacher. Have you got a nickname? My friends didn’t say Caroline but “Carolyn ! No Soucy!” Best wishes Your Friend Caroline 
This cat looks very friendly, doesn’t he!”
I still like gas-masks now: