Sophia’s Rock Beat: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble – Night 3

Holy cow are we ready for the day of rest! Night 3 of the Rumble was just as rocking as the previous two!

Things started up with The Autumn Hollow Band (whose singer played barefoot – an offense that always skeeves me out!) – but their brand of alt-country was expertly delivered – with awesome guitar and upright bass licks to boot. Video 1Video 2

Cult 45 then brewed up some of their ’70s influenced ROCK- with strong girl vocals and bass wah-wah! – Video

John Powhida International Airport had me in stitches with his from-the-stage Rumble trash talking (mostly aimed at Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents – telling the judges to listen up because he’s pregnant). J-Po’s legendary funked up set got hips shakin’ and took the night:

Spirit Kid took the stage last & delivered their jangly ’60s pop. I couldn’t keep my attention away from Ken Marcou’s serious tambourine chops. Best tambourine playing ever, hands down. Also, the rest of the band was awesome. Video 1Video 2

The Rumble returns on Thursday 4/7/11 with:

Static of the Gods

Mellow Bravo

The Acro-brats

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