Sophia’s Rock Beat – Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble Night 6!

Last night was the final night of preliminaries of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble!

Cradle to the Grave began the night with the most rocking fiddle of the week! AND they all wore matching western shirts. Video 1, Video 2.

The Year Million rocked out – which included a kickin’ Depeche Mode cover Video 1, Video 2.

Black Thai I was excited to see because I don’t get to see a lot of local METAL. These guys were awesome. Not overly fast, but super pounding and super tight – Video 1, Video 2.

Sidewalk Driver has long been a favorite of mine so it’s hard to be unbiased about them (Tad even helped me load my drums on stage on DNFMOMD’s night!) -but they were great and had everyone singing along:

It all starts up again on Thursday at TTs for the Semi-Finals!!!

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