DNFMOMD: Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble recap

Participating in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble this year was an amazing experience – so much hot music, new friends, and great times. Here’s a round up of photos/video/and press regarding Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’s appearance in the preliminary and semi-final rounds:

Rachel Leah Blumenthal’s photo from our Prelim-night
made The Noise May Centerfold!

Leading up to the event, David Wildman on Radio Boston and Nick Parker on ExposedUrban, and Jed Gottlieb at The Boston Herald all predicted our win. Over at The Boston Phoenix Michael J. Epstein dished out some good-natured smack-talk and we were interviewed over on Boston Band Crush.

Prelim Night 5:
Photos by Ken Marcou on the Boston Phoenix site
Photos by Seth Drury on Playground Boston

Video: here we are doing First We Take ManhattanHit & Run also got The Chimes of Big Ben and Bernie Conneely got Checkmate! And Matt Lambert got a few as well!

Boston Band Crush post-show video interview

Boston Herald recap – “I said that I love the mustache. But I didn’t realize that everyone loves the mustache.”

Ryan’s Smashing Life recap  – “In the end the winners, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, might have been so because of a viciously committed performance by singer (and drummer) Sophia Cacciola.”

The Noise Boston recap – “the rock duo of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling is a full-on musical cage match, weapons included. Sophia Cacciolo is the veritable bull in a china shop on the drums, slamming a precise beat that’s impossible to ignore. She’s got the voice to match, commanding the attention of all in the club with each note. Guitarist Michael Epstein adds to the intensity of the set. Between the two of them, they outshine most full bands I can name.”

Semi-Final Night 1:

Photos by Mick Murray on Playground Boston
Photos by Johnny Anguish on Daykamp Music

Video of DNFMOMD & First We Take Manhattan by Mick Murray
Boston Band Crush video interview with the losers of the night (myself, Tad of Sidewalk Driver and Kieth of Mellow Bravo)

The Boston Phoenix Recap – “The duo Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling were a refreshing addition to the Rumble with their sonic blast of drums and bass plus barefoot singer (and drummer) Sophia Cacciola’s screams.”

Put That Shit On a List Recap “Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, who were raw as fuck. Raw as something raw. Raw balls I guess, but that’s sort of my first description for everything. Could be the skinny girl jeans without underwear I’m always stuffing my pegs into.”

Ryan’s Smashing Life Recap – “Though Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling performed better last night even than in their first round victory, a band as experimental as they were always going to find it difficult to compete in a show like this. They have soared throughout though, and on Thursday they managed to seize audiences with a mesmerizing set.”

The Weekly Dig Recap – “Sophia from Do Not Forsake Me? She is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s not just because she’s at her drum kit barefoot. (For whatever reason, I find this to be especially hardcore.)”

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