Sophia’s Rock Beat: 01/28/12-01/30/12

Sophia’s Rock Beat (FB)! First! What is SRB? Sophia goes to local shows. Sophia video-records these shows. Then Sophia posts them on the internet. It’s a thing. Seriously, if you want me at your show, let me know-

01/28/2012 brought the return of the Winter Rock Formal this time to Radio. The brain-spawn of Glenn di Benedetto, the night was as to be expected: classy, trashy, and glammed-up – all with exquisite music. The night started off right out the gate with an amazing set by Broken Wings – a pairing of Peter Moore (Count Zero) and Sarah RabDAU (of Sarah RabDAU and Self-Employed Assassins) doing a bizaaree bit of method-acting as a British couple who wrote many of the hits of the ’80s only to have them stolen and recorded by others – perhaps the funniest moment was the intro/performance of “Don’t Chew on Me Baby” or as Human League recorded it, “don’t you want me, baby” playlist:

then onto the fabulous sounds of Eddie Japan (who called me out for saying I hated printed-out set-lists…I luckily do not think I got that on tape!) playlist:

 Parlour Bells rocked it and delivered the stand-out performance of the night – an inspired cover of “Under Pressure” with Gene Dante on guest vocals. playlist:


Last and certainly not least, long-time favorites of mine, Gene Dante and the Future Starlets delivered yet another flawless performance. Gene even let me hop up on stage for a reprise of me screaming along to their song “C* Star” Playlist:


On 1/30 DNFMOMD got to play at Zuzu with Western Mass’s SPEAK! (Featuring Jeremy Dubs – speak! video 2, speak! video 3) and Thunderhole (Thunderhole vid 1, thunderhole vid 2) – who were both totally awesome (and yes, Thunderhole brought a ROVER!). Here is SPEAK!’s Yoko Ono cover (I love this version):

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