Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola host On the Town with Mikey Dee on WMFO 05/30/2012

Go “like” the On The Town with Mikey Dee facebook page! OTTwMD plays local Boston music and is on every Wednesday from 9pm-Midnight and almost always features a live band around 10:30 – it’s on 91.5 WMFO – http://wmfo.org.

Send your CDs to the station SO THAT WE CAN PLAY YOU! and if you’re extra nice – denote which tracks have swears (and likewise if all tracks are clean, please!)

attn: Joel Simches
PO Box 65
Medford, MA 02155

if you are interested in playing live on the air, contact Joel Simches

Here’s our playlist from 05/30/12! Archive is up for a week – which includes our interview with Jason Dunn of The Luxury and a live performance and interview with Muy Cansado!

Song Artist Album Time Played
Television You Won’t Skeptic Goodbye 21:06:00
Restless Butterknife Do The Needful 21:09:00
The King of Wales Cowgill Side One of Planted – EP 21:14:00
I’d Like To Think Parlour Bells Look Again 21:17:00
Anne Frank Story Human Sexual Response Fig. 15 21:22:00
CELEBRATE Garvy J. and the Secret Pockets of Hope and Resistance Celebrate – Single 21:29:00
Why Don’t You Cry Anymore (Like You Used To)? The Luxury Why Don’t You Cry Anymore (Like You Used To)? Single 21:38:00
Alive and Kicking The Luxury Why Don’t You Cry Anymore (Like You Used To)? 21:45:00
I Bring A Room Down Geoff Hayton Single 21:57:00
Better Than You Had Before Dr Awkward The Sound 22:04:00
Insomnolence States and Capitols Shadows 22:12:00
Old North Church Lady Majestic Single 22:21:00
See You In Hell The Peppermint Patties single 22:29:00
Live On the Town Muy Cansado Live On the Town 22:35:00
Atheist In the Foxhole The Fatal Flaw We Are What We Pretend to Be 23:11:00
Surfesque The Invisible Rays Salute the American popular Song 23:17:00
Where The Bodies Lay Mellow Bravo S/T 23:21:00
Predisposed Muy Cansado Let It Go 23:32:00
Let It Go Muy Cansado Let It Go 23:41:00
Hole in the Boat Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys Steam Ship Killers 23:54:00
She’s Into Science Faux Ox Faux Ox 23:57:00
So It Goes The Grownup Noise This Time With Feeling 00:03:00
All In Good Time Future Carnivores Future Carnivores 00:08:00
how long can you keep your eyes shut on the interstate Ho-Ag Pray For The Worms 00:13:00
Wave Backwards To Massachusetts Hallelujah the Hills Collective Psychosis Begone 00:15:00
Ghost of a Plastic Bag The Pee Wee Fist Flying 00:20:00
CUCKOO Willard Grant Conspiracy and Telefunk In The Fishtank 00:27:00