H.Somers: The Painter Who Escaped The Holocaust – Trailer and fundraising

While I am not directly involved in this project, I know a number of people who are, and I feel that it is an extremely interesting and valuable film. It is documentary about impressionist painter H. Somers, a Jewish German Holocaust survivor who escaped via Kindertransport, losing his family and everything else he had grown up with. After his escape, he fought to find and share the beauty of the world through painting. The filmmakers are working to make a film that captures the beauty of his work, that uses multiple modes of presentation to bring you through the paintings, and most importantly, tells the nearly lost story of a dying man.

They are raising money to help make the film complete.

An impressionist artist nearing the end of his life reveals his WWII Holocaust experience and how he managed to survive and find the beauty in life.

Director Erik Angra says:

During a recent trip, I met 90 years old post-impressionist artist named Harry Somers, born in Germany. That bit of serendipity has propelled me into the documenting of Harry’s life. His paintings hang in museums all over the world. Until I met Harry he had never told anyone the details of his escaping from the Holocaust. Harry left on a kinder-transport (childrens’ transport) when he was just a teenager and never saw his parents again.

Myself and some of the crew decided to stay in the Arizona desert to capture his entire story during his last moments, in order to create a documentary about life, death, forgiveness and art through the eyes of a dying holocaust survivor.

His memory is remarkable and clear. He speaks with such eloquence and historical detail. This has been a very profound and moving experience for all of us. His paintings are all full of positivity and light. He holds no hatred or regrets.

Harry’s message is as bright and multifaceted as his paintings. Time is limited. We want to show Harry something and keep him going. We are dedicated to the survival of Harry’s story.

Erik Angra grew up in the hills of New Hampshire, graduating from the Connecticut Schools of Broadcasting then interning in New York. Angra began his career documenting punk musicians across the US, capturing the “gritty ambition” of the underground music scene. He released the footage in 2006, featuring rare images capturing the last moments at the infamous CBGBs in New York. Angra’s imagery has since appeared in several dozen documentaries, commercials and music videos. Angra has an affinity for cinema verite; and is known for his unconventional use of digital cameras, often times shooting with antique lenses.