Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola host On the Town with Mikey Dee on WMFO 10/10/2012

Go “like” the On The Town with Mikey Dee facebook pageOTTwMD plays local Boston music and is on every Wednesday from 9pm-Midnight and almost always features a live band around 10:30 – it’s on 91.5 WMFO – http://wmfo.org.

Send your CDs to the station SO THAT WE CAN PLAY YOU! and if you’re extra nice – denote which tracks have swears (and likewise if all tracks are clean, please!)

attn: Joel Simches
PO Box 65
Medford, MA 02155

if you are interested in playing live on the air, contact Joel Simches

Here’s our playlist from 10/10/12! Archive is up!

On the Town with Mikey Dee (Rock) with Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein 10/10/2012 09:00PM to 12:00AM
09:01PM Mikey Dee “On The Town With Mikey Dee” from OTT Disk (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2009) Local
09:04PM Faux Ox “She’s Into Science” from Faux Ox (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2011) Local
09:07PM Future Carnivores “(And You Call Yourself A) Carnivore?” from Future Carnivores (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2011) on girlboygirlboy records Local
09:10PM You Won’t “Television” from Skeptic Goodbye (CD/Lossless, Album, Rock, 2011) on You Won’t Local
09:13PM Parlour Bells “Heavy Dream” from Look Again (2012, added 05/30/2012) Local
09:17PM Will Dailey & The Rivals “Big Bright Sun” from Will Dailey & The Rivals (Rock, 2011) on Universal Republic Records Local
09:22PM Mellow Bravo “Where the Bodies Lay” from S/T (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2012, added 08/29/2012) on Mad Oak Records Local, New
09:25PM Sidewalk Driver “RADIO” from For All the Boys & Girls (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2010) Local
09:29PM The Rationales “RADIO” from RADIO – Single (CD/Lossless, Single, Rock, 2012, added 10/10/2012) on The Rationales Local, New
09:33PM Streightangular “On the Washing Machine” from After and Before (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2009) on Polk Records Local
09:38PM OldJack “TAKE A BOW” from Take A Bow (CD/Lossless, Single, 2012) Local
09:44PM The I Want You “CRAZY (radio edit)” from ep (CD/Lossless, EP, Local, added 11/25/2011) Local
09:46PM Endation “Machete” from The Abscence of Everything (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2012) Local
09:49PM The Vivs “Are You Coming Around?” from Why So Dark? – EP (Rock, 2011) on Self-Released (http://dummydrome.com/, USA) Local
09:55PM Golden Bloom “Theme for an Adventure At Sea” from Fan The Flames (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2011) on The Sleepy West Local
10:00PM Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women “A Note On the Type” from Your Secrets are Mine Now (Local, 2009) on Archenemy Record Company Local
10:05PM Taiwan Typhoon “Roman Riot” from Swell (CD/Lossless, EP, Local, 2011, added 12/14/2011) Local
10:09PM Black Thai “The Ladder” from Blood From On High (CD/Lossless, EP, Local, 2011) on Megavox Recordings Local
10:14PM Mission of Burma “7’S” from Unsound (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2012, added 08/29/2012) on Fire Local
10:17PM Dirty Dishes “HUSH” from The Most Tarnished Birds – EP (CD/Lossless, Album, Rock, 2012) on Dirty Dishes Local
10:21PM The Grownup Noise “So It Goes” from This Time With Feeling (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2011) on Adam Sankowski (USA) Local
10:27PM Hey Now, Morris Fader “The Blues and Alcohol” from Good Times Ne’er Forgot (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2012, added 08/29/2012) on Hey Now, Morris Fader Local
10:33PM Mishima USA “Twist My Arm” from Twist My Arm (Single, 2001) on Catapult Local
10:37PM Vivian Darkbloom “Cold War” from Cold War – Single (2008) on Vivian Darkbloom
10:43PM John Powhida International Airport “Daddy’s The Man” from Daddy’s The Man (Rivendell, Single, 2010)
10:44PM Rob Potylo “Shera” from Something Happened At Horse Lake (CD/Lossless, Album, Rock, 2010, added 11/16/2011) on Quiet Desperation
10:45PM Kirsten Opstad “Fear of Swimming” from Fear of Swimming (CD/Lossless, Album, 2012) on Kirsten Opstad Local
10:48PM Peter Buzzelle “67 Mustang” from Museum Of (CD/Lossless, Album, Rock, 2011, added 12/14/2011) on Peter Buzzelle Local
10:53PM The Charms “Top Down” from Charmed, I’m Sure (2002) on Red Car Records Local
10:56PM The Dents “”One More Time”” from Time For Biting (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2005) on Abbey Lounge Records Local
11:00PM Dirt Mall “Hello Los Angeles” from Got the Goat By the Horns (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2008, added 01/03/2008) on Daykamp Records Local
11:07PM AM Stereo “Get It Close” from When You Wish Upon A Bar (CD/Lossless, Album, Rock, 2012) on Am Stereo Local
11:07PM Cowgill “Plans” from Side One of Planted – EP (Rock, 2012, added 05/30/2012) on Cowgill Local
11:11PM Freezepop “T Dj” from The Orange ep (CD, EP, 1999) on Archenemy Local
11:16PM Ketman “Bulletproof Molly” from Golden Fiction (CD, EP, 2007) on Lifted and Gifted
11:17PM Science Park “lonely highway” from futurama Local
11:22PM The Snowleopards “Hipmatize Me” from Hipmatize Me (Local, 2006)
11:25PM Butterknife “RESTLESS” from $100 (CD/Lossless, Compilation, Rock, 2012, added 08/29/2012) on Butterknife Local
11:31PM The Push Stars “Millionaire” from Opening time (2000) on The Push Stars
11:34PM Hallelujah the Hills “To All My Scientist Colleagues I Bid You Farewell” from Collective Psychosis Begone (CD/Lossless, Album, 2007) on Misra Records Local
11:38PM Walter Sickert & The army Of Broken Toys “Hole in the Boat” from SteamShipKillers (CD/Lossless, Album, Rock, 2010, added 07/02/2010) on WIREFOREST (USA) Local
11:44PM Victory at Sea “BLOODLINE” from Carousel (CD/Lossless, EP, Local, 2001) on Kimchee Records Local
11:50PM Static of The Gods “WHITE FLAG” from Knowledge Machine (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2010, added 04/05/2010) on delVerano Local
11:54PM The Beatings “Heavy Metal” from Italiano (CD/Lossless, Album, Rock, 2002) on Midriff Records, Inc.
11:59PM Pray For Polanski “Christopher the Saint” from Pray for Polanski (CD/Lossless, Album, Local, 2011) on F Nice Records Local