UNCUT film competition pilot – our one-minute film, “Are you playing The Game?”

This Summer, we had the pleasure of taking part in the filming of a film competition TV pilot called UNCUT. A little coverage from Wicked Local! Essentially, four teams went through three elimination rounds during which they were given groups of objects to make 20-second segments of what would ultimately be a one-minute film. I was the captain of the RED TEAM, which also included my teammates (in alphabetical order): Sophia Cacciola, Molly Devon, Joseph Kowan, Dan St. Germain, and John Walsh.

You can watch the competition here and see who wins!

UNCUT! from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.
Four aspiring filmmakers compete against eachother and the clock to make the best original short film. Whoever doesn’t make the cut will be eliminated until there is only one filmmaker left, the UNCUT Champion. Who will find their film on the cutting room floor? And who will remain.. UNCUT!?

Here is our final one-minute film, “Are you playing The Game?” As you can imagine, given that everything had to be done very quickly, we had little time for color correction or other post work. We didn’t do any cleanup later, so you are seeing exactly what we managed in a few short hours.

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