Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling on the Boston Does Boston comp covering Hallelujah the Hills being covered by Eldridge Rodriguez!

We’re very excited to have been included in the latest Boston Does Boston Compilation (The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library participated in the first go around of it covering Gene Dante and the Future Starlets and were covered by I-Pistol!). The Boston Does Boston brings together local artists to cover each other all to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston. You can buy the record here.

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling got to cover one of our absolute favorite bands, Hallelujah the Hills. It was really an interesting and fun to turn the song into our own (while stretching out into some synth-i-ness) and extra weird to cover a song written by friends, I hope they like it!

also, you might see some of DNFMOMD in the HTH music video for this song:

Jed Gottlieb’s Guestlisted at the Herald said, “Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling flattens “Get Me in a Room” into a dark electro drone. I love it.”

On the flip-side, another of our absolute favs Eldridge Rodriguez covered our song “Episode 12: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling” and I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything they did to it, hearing their spin on the song gives it such different attitude and meaning and it surprised me and just makes me really happy. Happy to know them, happy to have written the song, happy that this compilation exists.

AND THERE ARE 20 OTHER AMAZING SONGS. So, check it out, see the love Boston pays to Boston and all for the animals!

There is also a benefit show (Animal Rescue League of Boston) Friday 10/24 at TT the Bears featuring Reverse! Dead Cats Dead Rats! Count Zero! Vary Lumar! Future Carnivores!  more info

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