Bring Us Your Women “Sirens” filming on November 16th, seeking actors (non-union, credit, unpaid) / indoor pool location / aerial camera operator

Launch Over shoot for “Sirens” segment of the film Bring Us Your Women (IMDB)

Shoot date: November 16th, 2014

Casting the following roles (non-union, credit, unpaid):

Pomona, Eve, Persephone – females, 18-35 – 2 brief scenes (indoors – approximately 2 hour shoot each, evening or morning), one “upset” performance, ideally with a pet-free kitchen/living room/bedroom that we can film your scenes in.

Vertumnus, Nahash, Hades – males, 18-35 – full day (indoors and outdoors, full day shoot) – must be comfortable falling on the ground outdoors

Multiple victims – male, 18+, must be comfortable falling on the ground outdoors (outdoor shoot – approximately 4 hours)

-Seeking additional location – indoor pool, 3 hours access

-Seeking aerial camera operator for flyover shot

Contact: for consideration or for more information