Testing the Audio-Technica System 10 for Performer Magazine!

I was lucky enough to win a couple of Audio-Technica microphone systems from Performer.

Here is the final summary article I wrote for Performer Here was my original exploration of the microphones: And I finally got to opening them up and giving them a go.

I do a lot of film and audio work, but recording video with accompanying decent audio is always a bit of a tedious setup (usually, I have to post-sync everything), so the System 10  microphone with its boot-mount receiver looked like a neat solution for really fast turnaround video.

For Bring Us Your Women, we are currently trying to record brief interviews with many of the artists involved in the project and turn them around quickly to add to the web site and promote our upcoming release show.

So, last night at rehearsal, without any real testing, we just popped the microphone system onto the camera (Canon Rebel T4i) and gave it a go for recording these quick and dirty interviews. Even though it was recorded in quite a noisy practice space (HVAC noise mostly), the auto-gain control on the camera and the microphone worked quite well together to get some good audio.

This was the completely “dummy” test of it. I didn’t change any settings – just turned it on and plugged it in using only components that came with the microphone system. I’ll continue to post some updates about using the system and my experience with it for the next few weeks leading up to the show as well!

Here are some photos of the me monitoring using earbuds as we wire up Catherine for her interview.

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