The cast of TEN – Where are they now? Leah Principe as the model

Photo Credit: Jonathan Beckley

Now that TEN is out in the world, we wanted to check in with our cast and crew to see what they’ve been doing since we finished shooting TEN

1. Looking back, what was your favorite part about making TEN?

My favorite part of making TEN was the bonding with the cast and crew. We all worked so well together and had a great time living in that mansion for 10 days. We ate together, worked on lines, waited together and barely slept. I was able to make some great new friends and now some of us have worked on other projects!

2. What was the most difficult part about making TEN?

For me it was definitely the scenes my character the model had to endure. The first night there at the mansion, we got right into that bathtub scene.  I was naked, cold and emerged in water with that pig mask. Even worse was after that, laying on the cold bathroom floor while Karin Webb performed CPR on my body. Looking back it was all totally worth it.

3. Did you expect the movie to turn out like it did?

That’s a tough one. I didn’t really know what to expect since it was my first feature film. One thing I was very impressed by was the cinematography by Kelly Davidson. The film looked so beautiful and the colors were so vivid. I was extremely happy to see that.

4. What is your favorite scene?

Leah Principe as the model

 I think my favorite scene would be the party in the piano room. Where the room is spinning and you see how each character is acting in a social setting. It’s a brief glimpse to who that character really was in their past life. They maybe trying to stay in their assigned character but I think little glimpses of their past life comes out.

5. What do you think about TEN receiving national distribution?

I think it’s amazing! I never would have thought we would come this far and have this much recognition. I am honored to be a part of TEN and that I was able to work with so many talented people.

6. Tell us about what you’ve been doing since we shot TEN back in December 2012.

Since TEN I’ve been keeping myself very busy. I still perform in the Boston Burlesque scene regularly and have also done some other film projects including music videos with Michael and Sophia for their band Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling and a video for the band Endation that they also directed.

Leah as Doris the bartender.

I have worked with TEN’s Catherine Capozzi on her project Bring Us Your Women, a live music, dance, and film project that debuted this past winter.

And this coming fall another TEN cast member Jade Sylvan has a musical debuting Spider Cult the Musical, I will be performing in that as well.

7. Where can we keep up with what you’re doing?
Best way to find me would be my Facebook pages: and
For booking inquiries

We’ll have more TEN interviews coming up over the next few days. Until then, you can see TEN!

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