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In Fabric review - Without Your Head

"In Fabric" review by Michael J. Epstein Peter Strickland established himself as the reigning auteur of thematically driven film with the lighting-in-a-bottle poignancy of Duke of Burgundy. If Duke is the consummate artistic manifestation of the navigational complexities of relationships, In Fabric is "only" an exceptional film about fate and beauty and the wisps of fetishism that circle the point at which they meet.



Look Away review and interviews - Without Your Head

"Look Away" interview with Jason Isaacs, India Eisley, and Assaf Bernstein Interview conducted and edited by Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola. Review by Michael J. Epstein - Launch Over - Launchover.com After watching the trailer for Assaf Bernstein's new film, Look Away, and seeing no real advance-review buzz, I expected it was another go at a by-the-numbers, bullied-teen-makes-pact-with-mirror-demon-to-get-revenge yarn.


HELL FEST review - Without Your Head

Hell Fest review from the Hollywood premiere. by Michael J. Epstein I have a bit of trouble understanding the recent resurgence in popularity of the subtextless, mean-spirited slasher films we had all previously evolved past by 1985 or so, but nonetheless, they seem to keep coming.


The Bad Batch review - Without Your Head

Bad Batch Review By Michael J. Epstein Writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour's idiosyncratic Bad Batch certainly furthers her auteur status. As with her first film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Bad Batch's dialogue is sparse, its narrative even sparser, and its visual metaphor flows in grand supply.

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