Clickbait opening film at Sanford International Film Festival, won Best Music!

We're were excited for Clickbait to be an official selection and the opening film of the Sanford International Film Festival! SIFF has been a great supporter of our previous films and we're thrilled to return to Maine! We got to do a very fun Q&A which included lead actor, Seth Chatfield and composer Catherine Capozzi, and caught up with some of our Maine fans who had a lot of things for us to sign! <3

Catherine Capozzi / Night Kisses were honored to win Best Music for Clickbait! We were also nominated for Best Feature!


We were also honored to play at Sanford with our previous films:

Blood of the Tribades wins Best Acting (Ensemble) at Sanford International Film Festival – 5/27/16



Magnetic at Sanford International Film Festival 5/29, Maine – won Best Music and Score!



TEN Movie: Maine Premiere! Sanford Int. Film Fest 5/31 & 6/1