Paradise by the Primary Guidance, Navigation, And Control System Light (Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Lament) song release by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library

Fifty years ago, on July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission Saturn V rocket launched from the Kennedy Space Center beginning the uncertain journey to the surface of the moon. The mission was a great success and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the surface of the moon. After 22 hours, they departed and made a successful and safe return home to Earth. But few remember the great sacrifices of this mission. The Apollo 11 Command and Service Module made this great journey with the Lunar Module in tow. The love-affair of the team was tragically short, as the Lunar module was left behind on the surface in the Sea of Tranquility, and only the Command Module made the return to Earth. While the Lunar module sits alone 238,900 miles from Earth, the Command Module often suffers an even crueler fate. It often resides in the Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall in the National Air and Space Museum directly across from a test replica of the Lunar Module. The pair may be separated by impossible distance, but that could not stop them from singing this lament to each other...

"Paradise by the Primary Guidance, Navigation, And Control System Light (Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Lament)" by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library

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Susannah Plaster - vocals
Rachel Leah Blumenthal - flute
Jane Allard - Melodica, glockenspiel
Lisa Battiston - bass
Sophia Cacciola - drums
Michael J. Epstein - vocals, additional instrumentation

I wake up when the Earth comes up with great predictability.
I head out for my evening swim in the sea of tranquility.
Every day’s same routine, I’m my only company.
Another waning crescent Earth, soon, there will be nothing left to see.

I look up to the starry sky, it really makes me want to cry
50 years ago you said goodbye, sweetie.
I believe, you’re still coming back for me.

I wake up when the lights come up and the people come to look at me.
I sit in place and pose with kids, in the space museum’s gallery.
Every day’s the same routine, ambassador to humanity.
Staring at your replica, it’s the only thing that I can see.

Sometimes on a cloudless night, through the window I can shine my light.
Remember when we took that epic flight, baby?
I believe, you’re still coming back for me

Footsteps leading to the landing site where we shared our last embrace
Can you imagine my surprise when you blasted off into space?!?!?
Of course, I know I should feel proud that we won the lunar race.
After 50 years of passing time, I still remember every line on your face.

Sometimes I see a beam of light, imagine that you’re still all right.
I wonder if you know my plight, honey.
I believe, you’re still coming back for me.

I’m not so sure you’d still love me, if you saw the scars.
I’m not quite what I used to be, in fact I’m rather charred.
I made it back from outer space, away from all the stars.
It was quite the fall from grace, re-entry was brutally hard

I dream we’ll get another flight.
I wish I may, I wish I might…
...have the wish I wish tonight, baby.
I believe, you’re still coming back for me.


We originally wrote the song for an October 2012 presentation of The Encyclopedia Show Somerville:

Our theme for the show will be THE MOON. The Encyclopedia Show Somerville is an event franchised from the original series founded in Chicago in 2008, wherein invited artists from a variety of performance disciplines present all-new, original works on sub-topics of a single theme. A recurring cast of hosts and characters welcomes the artists with open arms and minds, while the resident Fact Checker is charged with maintaining the integrity of the Encyclopedic Truth of the show.

October 8, 2012

Our doors open at 7:00 for socialization in the theater bar. The show itself will begin at 8:00 sharp.

Our invited artists for this month's show:
* Megan Thoma, Encyclopedia Show: Providence founder and Rhode Island teacher, will bring an educational poem about MOON SNAILS;
* Meg Waldron and Robyn Bateman, on tour from Portland, Oregon, will perform a poem together about BLOOD MOON;
* Selina Johnson of the Boston Youth Service Network poems some ideas about LUNAR ECLIPSE;
* Matt D, Boston comedian, will consider VARIOUS AND SUNDRY COMEDIC TOPICS including those relating to The Moon;
* Obehi Janice of Fufu and Oreos presents a theatrical piece on the ORIGIN OF THE MOON;
* Jonathan Clark reads fiction about FIGURES SEEN IN THE MOON;
* Betty Widerski, astronomer, uses an electric violin to explain TIDES;
* Cal Folger Day musically interprets what it means to SHOOT THE MOON.
Additionally, our house band, The Michael J. Epstein Lunarial Spaceship, will present a highly edutaininal musical interlude about the LUNAR LANDER.

Hosted by Aimee Rose Ranger and Kevin Spak, and featuring Omoizele Okoawo as food writer Chef Bro, Steve Subrizi as the Intern, and Jade Sylvan/Jack van Sly as our Fact Checker from the Institute of Human Knowledge and Hygiene. Musical support provided by the Michael J. Epstein Lunarial Spaceship.

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