Toot Strudels – the self-heating toaster pastry America needs!

Great news for fans of Clickbait's self-heating toaster pastry, the Toot Strudel!

You can buy Toot Strudels t-shirts...

...and take the Toot Strudels personality quiz to find out which Toot Strudel you are!

You can also learn the secret past of inventor, Wolfgang van Tütstrudel.



Toot Strudels! There's FROOT* in every toot! - Toot Strudels

Toot Strudels radioactive flavors use patented nuclear technology to self heat to precisely the right temperature. Just open the packaging exposing the atomic isotopes to air, and in seconds, your Toot Strudels are ready to eat! We put two amazing, perfectly baked strudels in every pouch! That's right!



"...a strong undercurrent of biting social commentary presented in a satirical manner. Everything from social media to corporate sponsorship to instant celebrity to the corruption of law enforcement and government is well and duly skewered.

Even the Russians love Toot Strudels!

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