GenreBlast 2019 recap / Q&As with The Dial Tone of Doom (Catherine Capozzi Best Score WINNER), Half-Cocked (Pat Healy Best Actor Nomination), Umbilicus Desidero (Best Micro-Short Nomination), and Re-Home (Izzy Lee Best Director Nomination)

We had a great time at GenreBlast 2019! The Dial Tone of Doom's Catherine Capozzi won the award for Best Score Short Film!

There are Q&A recordings from both of our blocks - Re-Home/Half-Cocked/The Dial Tone of Doom - Umbilicus Desidero

(We had an amazing time premiering Clickbait at GenreBlast 2018, doing panels at GenreBlast 2017, and winning Best Score for Blood of the Tribades at GenreBlast 2016! )

Full Schedule

Our films are in the Saturday shorts blocks with a bunch of other great filmmakers and films we love!


Sophia and Michael produce horror-comedy short, Half-Cocked - playing at festivals now!

We had the pleasure of producing Aaron Barrocas's horror-comedy short, Half-Cocked! Alamo Drafthouse Winchester Presents GenreBlast Shorts Showcase #1 - Online Starting June 23, 2020 Alamo Drafthouse Winchester Presents GenreBlast Shorts Showcase #1 from GenreBlast Film Festival on Vimeo.


Tales from the Grave: The Dial Tone of Doom – GenreBlast IV (Catherine Capozzi Best Score WINNER) – Aug 29-Sept 1 – Alamo Drafthouse – Winchester, VA

Sophia and Michael collaborate with Without Your Head's Neal Jones on short documentary, Umbilicus Desidero

Earlier this year, Neal Jones' body was forever changed by a surgery. This 4-minute, satirical doc explores how Neal's life has changed. Shot by Sophia and directed and edited by Michae...

Sophia is cinematographer and Michael is gaffer and production sound on Izzy Lee’s short film, Re-Home (Next Playing GenreBlast Aug 29 – Sept 1 – Alamo Drafthouse Winchester, VA)

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