Clickbait is out on VOD in the US! (plus trailer and reviews!)

Clickbait (2018)

A college student who will do just about anything for Internet fame is kidnapped by a fan, and her reluctant roommate is the only one who can save her in this horror satire of popularity culture.

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#3 in Trainwreck'd Society's Top 20 of 2018!

Trainwreck'd Society's Top 20 Films of 2018 [Exclusive!]

When it came to films in 2018, the possibilities were almost too vast, in my humble opinion. There were so damn many movies that I "wanted to see" but just couldn't quite find the time to get to them all. With that being said, the titles below were absolutely my favorite of the couple hundred...

5 out of 5 skulls!

"If you are looking for a horror comedy that takes the “horror” part seriously, along with a heaping helpin’ of surreal visuals, pointed commentary, and toaster pastries; Clickbait is the fright flick for you!"

4 out of 5 stars! "...a must see film."

Clickbait Film is All About the Streams... I Mean Screams! - Zombies in My Blog

Clickbait film is all about the streams... I mean screams! A #HauntLife review.

"You’re a click away from a topical and trendy horror satire...Clickbait's humor is an evolution of the Kaufman schlock in TROMA films, updated for a modern audience, and dare I say a little more sophisticated for adults.” - The Headless Critic / Without Your Head - 4 out of 5 headless critics

Watching Movies - Clickbait - Without Your Head

Review of "Clickbait" by The Headless Critic This review is brought you by [url=]Toot Strudels[/url]. The official toaster pastry of [url=][/url].

Clickbait is #21 on the best horror movies of 2019 on The Stacker

Best horror movies of 2019

Horror fans had plenty to choose from in 2019, but some fright flicks were better than others. These are the thrillers and chillers that passed muster with both critics and audiences alike.

"...what it will do is surprise you, and it may even break your heart. This isn’t a film about vapid millennials, but a statement on how vapidity has become a trait which millennials are being forced into."

Boston Underground Film Festival Review: CLICKBAIT (2019) - Nightmarish Conjurings

Having recently played at the Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF), CLICKBAIT is a laugh-a-minute horror comedy which intelligently shines

"Clickbait is a fun take on social media, fame, and what best friends are ready to do for each other when the moment comes, giving satire, dark humor, and style to a story that is fun and keeps the viewer on their toes throughout the film.” - Emilie Black

Clickbait (2019) [Women in Horror Month 2019]

After reaching new heights in her internet fame, a college student looking for more is kidnapped and her roommate is once again reluctantly roped into helping as she seems to be the only one available. Directed by Sophia Cacciola and Michael J.

"A scathing observation of the habits of the internet age, Clickbait asks us to take a hard look at our online viewing habits and the true reasons for our enjoyment of the darker things that appeal to us, and demands we truly consider the kinds of things we might be inadvertently complicit in."




"...tied tightly by a string of energetic and infectious performances by the duo of Stewart and Aguilar, who are not only constantly charming, but whose chemistry is undeniable. I don’t think this film would work nearly as well without them. Throw in a scene stealing Seth Chatfield as the gut busting and hilarious Detective Dobson, and you’ve got yourself a film with a leading cast of characters."

"Fans of John Waters and Paul Bartel movies are in for a treat with Clickbait." 

Clickbait (Genreblast Film Festival Review) - Horror Society

This weekend marks the third annual Genreblast Film Festival, and one of the more anticipated films this year is Clickbait, which is having its World Premiere at the fest. This is the new film from filmmakers Sophia Cacciola and Michael J Epstein who brought us the insane Eurotrash send-up Blood of the Tribades last year....




New Release Review (VOD) - CLICKBAIT

A young woman puts herself in increasing danger in order to generate online publicity.

"Michael and Sophia are helping to re-invent arthouse satire, and I am eager to see more. They are a part of the new wave of elevated indie horror that you just can’t pigeonhole."

Horror Comedy 'Clickbait' (2019) - An Internet Famous Movie Review - PopHorror

A review of the film,' Clickbait,' by Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola. Bailey wants to be internet famous, and someone is being a bit too helpful.

"...enjoyable and visually entertaining (and original)..."

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Clickbait | Boston Underground Film Festival

Someone seems to be stalking self-absorbed vlogger Bailey (Amanda Colby Stewart). She's happy it just gets her more views while stereotypically studious roommate Emma (Brandi Augilar) senses they're in obvious danger. Calling the police doesn't seem to be very effective, especially when the police officer assigned to the case (a hilarious Seth Chatfield) constantly chides them for worrying about nothing if they haven't been physically harmed.

Launch Over's "Clickbait" To Show At Starburst Film Festival in Manchester

Horror And #Scifi #news, #reviews, #interviews, and more!

Horror Social Satire Film, "Clickbait" Trailer Release -

Clickbait world premiere - GenreBlast film festival at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, VA on September 1 at 3:15 PM Starring: Amanda Colby Stewart, Brandi Aguilar, Seth Chatfield A college student who will do just about anything for Internet fame is kidnapped by a fan, and her reluctant roommate is the only one who can save her in this horror satire of

These longtime fixtures of the arts scene fled for LA. Now they're back to screen new film 'Clickbait' - The Boston Globe

For Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola, leaving Boston behind to pursue filmmaking careers in Los Angeles wasn't easy.

BUFF - Satirical Social-Media Horror 'Clickbait' Tackles Extremities of Online Culture

Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein's satirical social media horror Clickbait opens with a young woman's face staring vacantly at the screen, crying. She's listening to an off-screen voice talking about a life threatening diagnosis. As the audio ends she rips out her earbuds and says "fucking cunt".

"Clickbait hopes to bring a few laughs to audiences in mid-March, though it'll undoubtedly be snubbed by next year's Oscars noms."

Horror Comedy Clickbait to Show at This Year's Starburst Film Festival in Manchester

Clickbait is an upcoming horror comedy. From directors Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, Clickbait will be at the Starburst Film Festival this March.

Clickbait (2019, USA) Review

Review of 2019's Clickbait. "You only die once. Make sure it's live!" ...a parable that serves to warn us against the dangers of the dark web.

10 More Indie Horror Movies That Probably Flew Under Your Radar - Modern Horrors

Sadly, new horror releases have slowed to a trickle. However, there's no way you've seen every horror release of the past couple years. Small distribution shops and indie producers released literally hundreds of films in

Clickbait (2019) by Puk'em Up Podcast

A college student who will do just about anything for Internet fame is kidnapped by a fan, and her reluctant roommate is the only one who can save her in this horror satire of popularity... See more " Directors: Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein Writers: Jeremy Long, Michael J.

BUFF 2019: CLICKBAIT Explores the Millennial Obsession with Internet Fame

"Not all millennials", am I right? But seriously, there are tons of folks in both the millennial generation and the yet unnamed post-millennial group that seem to believe how many follo...

Sophia Cacciola, Michael Epstein and Jim McDonough - Without Your Head

Sophia Cacciola & Michael Epstein creators of "Clickbait" and Jim McDonough creator of "I Owe You One Banana and Two Black Eyes" countdown to "The Boston Underground Film Festival!

Clickbait (2019)

Let's lead this off with the director's statement on the film: "Great horror films find ways to create physical manifestations of abstract fears and anxieties. Modern popularity culture imposes a certain pressure on younger people to create complex, performative identities, and to fearlessly face the consequences of the resulting fracturing of their self-image.

CLICKBAIT (2018) - Boston Underground Film Festival - Voices From The Balcony

Clickbait is far from a straightforward film, intercut with commercials and flashy dream sequences.

horror-comedy Clickbait, is out on US VOD

"...a strong undercurrent of biting social commentary presented in a satirical manner. Everything from social media to corporate sponsorship to instant celebrity to the corruption of law ...

Clickbait (2019)

A vlogger and her friend unknowingly become the target of a stalker, who also vlogs. Also, their entire community is obsessed with vloggers. The entire, entire community is obsessed with vloggers. - The tl;dr Review: As a social commentary horror-comedy, Clickbait is pretty good. There are some nostalgic slasher references and tributes, and there are...


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